Based in Pinewood Studios in the Dominican Republic, DSDR, we are the only company in the country that provides comprehensive marine and diving services required by the film industry.

DSDR originates thanks to the Diving Services United Kingdom, with whom it maintains close ties. Our team is highly trained and experienced in all kinds of water-based activities, especially in underwater projects. The team is also supported by solid and well-proven professional ethics.

Our team of experts is trained to provide the services required for all film and commercial projects.

Our services include water-based scenes, including planning, marine or underwater logistics, production and consultation processes, marine security services for talent and film crews, stunt personnel for action scenes, doubles, and hiring of local staff, talent training, underwater filming, and the rental of specialized equipment.

All our efforts and overall work protocols are focused on turning into reality the ideas presented by the production teams , while at the same time providing maximum safety measures in all water-based environments.

DSDR Has the capacity to provide the necessary services for an adequate marine coordination and diving in a multitude of locations, both inside and outside the Dominican Republic.

The DSDR Team

DSDR has the support of a well-trained professional staff, a must when carrying out safe diving projects in the most varied locations, both in and outside the Dominican Republic.

The team has received the necessary training and technical skills needed for specific projects. DSDR’s most important motto reflects non-negotiable safety standards: Safety always comes first.

Bolívar Sánchez

Marine and Diving Coordinator


Manuel Herrera

Marine and Diving Coordinator

Jordi Cabrerizo

Marine and Diving Supervisor

Ramón Calzado

Boat operator and diver

Ezequiel Polemis

Jet Ski Operator and Diver

Edna Lerebours

Diver and Talent Support