The Pinewood and DSDR studios can provide national and international production crews all the necessary equipment needed to carry out production projects in aquatic and underwater environments. In addition, and if so required by the production company, DSDR can provide other equipment needed by the production crew.

All this equipment or any other specified by the production can be provided at the Studio facilities or any location in the country.

Equipment Production
  • Submersible Audio Equipment
  • Underwater Set Tracking Cameras
  • Green and black screens of various sizes in Pinewood tank
  • Mobile walkways in Pinewood tank
  • Tip tanks and wave machines in Pinewood tank
  • Adaptable floating platforms to modify set as needed
  • Underwater scooters
  • Bubble systems
Boats and other vessels

Jetski Yamaha 2014 FX Crusier

Our main Jet ski is an Yamaha FX cruiser. This unit is use mainly for fast and precise rescue operation in places that the boats cant access easily. This unit also comes with rigging clamps attached so its very easy to convert to a camera vehicle, providing a fast shooting platform in the water.

Catamarán with outboard 115hp (18 ft.)

Our Catamaran offers an stable and efficient platter to capture the material needed from the water. It counts with enough space to install a small crane witch can produce elevated shots and underwater shots with a housing . It also comes with rigging clamps already attached so any rigging can be achieve on quick notice.

Zodiac with outboard engine 115hp (19 ft.)

Our Zodiac is our fast response unit. It can be used for rescue, crew and transport unit. This boat can be used as “Hero Boat “ in case of need.

Catamaran with two 250HP outboard motors (42 ft.)

Our bigger unit is the Isabella III, ir offers valuable versatility to film productions . With its 46 feet in length and a beam of 16 feet, it has been used as Camara Boat, transport unit and platform for special effects. With its two powerful 250hp engines it can move at a fast pace but keeping its load safe.

Adaptable floating platforms

Each cube has a surface area of 20" x 20" (500mm x 500mm) and has over 200 pounds (90 kgs) of buoyancy. The cube is air filled; the likelihood of a cube being punctured or damaged is virtually non-existent.The floating dock only "draws" about 2 to 4 inches of water. For all this, they are a great tool to adapt the set on the water, or use them for any need in a shoot

Marine Equipment
  • Life Jackets
  • Flotation Equipment
  • Rescue Equipment
Diving Equipment
  • Tanks and diving equipment (vests, masks, regulators, suits, fins, etc.)
  • Compressors to fill diving tanks, including a portable compressor
  • Lift bags/buoys
Video, still pictures
  • We provide video, still and behind the camera support through the use of the following equipment:
    • Canon 7D camera with Ikelite housing
    • Sony a7s camera with Nauticam housing