Our team of professional instructors, with years of experience in diving instruction, has designed a basic training program that in just a few hours will provide actors and doubles with the necessary skills to gain confidence and skills necessary to handle themselves under water.

When an actor, actress or double must perform in underwater environments there are many factors that can hinder their performance, especially because they must perform in an environment completely unfamiliar to them. It is absolutely necessary for them to overcome the initial fears they may experience when participating in an unknown environment. Our successful diving program will provide them with the necessary skills to perform under water.

The training will also provide the production crew with the necessary tools to communicate under water with the safety divers once under water. At the same time, the divers that train one the actors or members of the production crew will also be their particular divers during the actual shoot. This procedure greatly increases the confidence levels of the production team during filming.


“Instructors with years of experience”