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Filming in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers the perfect environment for foreign and local film projects to take advantage of a well-established film and commercial industry.

The Dominican Republic, as well as the Caribbean region in general, features a long list of impressive and varied landscapes and a host of various water environments such as rivers, lakes, waterfalls and world-class beaches.

Diving Services Dominican Republic (DSDR) is based in an eight-acre facility, featuring a 60,500 square-foot infinity water tank equipped with all the necessary facilities needed for world-class water productions, including blue and green backgrounds, and a marine and diving department.

Situated 45 minutes east of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, the tank was designed with the technical advice and supervision of Diving Services United Kingdom, based in Pinewood Studios in London.


DSDR guarantees national and international companies all the necessary support needed in their water-based production projects by providing them with a top-rated crew of professionals who will facilitate the shooting of the most challenging scenes in water and underwater environments, always putting as top priority all safety standards.

We specialize in marine coordination and diving for film and commercial projects, facilitating shooting in aquatic and underwater environments. We have the most qualified and professional team in the Dominican Republic, in order to provide a professional and safe service.